Pre- Accident Valuation

Not happy with your Insurance estimate on the value of your car - post accident?   Let us help you !!!

Cairns Car Brokers offers a unique service where we can provide you with a pre-accident valuation on your Motor Vehicle.  We are a licensed Motor Dealer and a member of the MTA Queensland with many years of experience in valuing motor vehicles. 

If you have been involved in an accident, if you car has been stolen or damaged we are able to provide you with a comprehensive written report detailing the estimated worth of your car pre-Insurance claim.  

Our car valuations are provided to assist you determining the value of car in all insurance disputes or court proceedings when a sworn expert opinion is required. 

Family Law & Estate Valuation

Separations and Death are a difficult and emotional time for all parties involved.  

Cairns Car Brokers are experienced professionals who can provide independent valuations for all Family Law matters.  We will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report free of bias and we guarantee that the outcome will not be influenced by any parties in the proceedings.

Cairns Car Brokers are here to make it easy for your family when making the hard choices on how to deal with Motor Vehicles.  If you are keeping the asset and need a fair appraisal or if you are looking to dispose of it and need a realistic price guide we will provide you with all the facts to assist in the decision making process.

Pre-Sale and Pre-Purchase Valuations

Do you need to know what the current market value of your car is?

Do you need to have a Professional Independent report to obtain an agreed value?

Are you paying too much for your dream car?

We are able to provide a full and comprehensive valuation for any reason.  You will receive a complete written report to assist you for any purpose - call us now to book an appraisal appointment.