Car Finance

Cairns Car Brokers has access to a number of different lenders specializing in car Finance for all demographics. If you are looking to finance a little run about for a couple of thousand dollars or want to buy your dream car into the tens of thousands of dollars we have got you covered.

Pre Approvals

The easiest way to secure your next car purchase is to get your finance pre approved. This gives you the purchaser the power to become a "cash buyer". There is nothing more frustrating then finding the car of your dreams and not having the money ready to make an offer.

Whether the car is being sold through a Car Yard or Privately we can organise the finance and get you driving as soon as possible. To find out more send Cairns Car Brokers an email.

Insurance and Warranty

Cairns Car Brokers has access to a number of different insurers specializing in car insurance - click here to email Cairns Car Brokers

Protect your purchase with a 1, 3 or 5 year warranty. Cairns Car Brokers uses and reccommends National Warranty Company warranties and products. These warranties are available for all private to private purchases.